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Does Isagenix really work?

Julian's Isagenix story.

I am living proof of it. I have personally received a lot of gains and witnessed the tremendous benefits of the Isagenix program. Several years ago, before even the Isagenix company existed I had an unfortunate experience in my life which affected my body's health very badly.

I will try to make it a short story. I've been living in an apartment right above a neighbor who was a heavy smoker. He was a guy who used to smoke a pipe days and nights almost without interruption. It seemed to me that there was not a moment in his life when he had taken that pipe out of his mouth. At least that's how I felt.

The smoke, byproducts germs and other hazardous chemicals with it were constantly entering into my apartment making the air I was breathing unbearable not to mention breaking down my immune system, thus creating many other health problems.

I had tried all means possible, sealing cracks on my floor, talking to the guy, buying expensive air purifiers, fans, keeping all windows open, calling the police, filing complaints with the Department of Health, threatening letters, talking to the landlord, hiring a lawyer, going to court and what not. All the while the time was passing by and none of my actions were producing results.

I did not want to move out as I was absolutely convinced that I would win the case and the offender will be eventually evicted. Four years of this struggle passed and surprisingly nothing was in my favor as everything came up to the fact there are no laws restricting smoking in private apartments.

I tried to stress that this is an extraordinary case, that my health is being affected on an everyday basis, but the authorities did not want to listen. Finally, I just decided to move out of that place as it was clear to me that I would not win.

I had a lot of health problems by that time; I am even ashamed even to mention some of them. I had large wrinkles on my face that made me look ten years older that I was. In addition, I gained a lot of weight, probably due to everyday stress dealing with the situation. Too bad that all this has happened in such a great city as New York.  



Before I started with Isagenix:

3 Weeks Later:

When I moved to a new place I had made a strong decision to fix my health and to get back into the right shape no matter how hard that it would be. I started exercising regularly, running, rollerblading, eating the right food and dieting.

All of this was helping to some degree, but it still did not return my health to the point that I used to have before I was affected by that smoker. I also tried several different health and cleansing methods, but the effect was less than average.

Then, one of my friends introduced me to the Isagenix program. I was very skeptical at the beginning as I thought it's just another sales pitch. But after hearing from him and others of how good this program is, I decided that I don't have much to lose and to give it a shot. Boy, I am glad that I did.

I started with the 9 day program and I could not believe my eyes when I had looked at myself in a mirror after the program was done. Then, in three short weeks I had become a new person. (Look at the picture on a right.)

I have lost a lot of weight as you can see and it happened in only in three weeks. Until this program, I have never had so much weight loss no matter how religiously and hard I exercised every day. The wrinkles on my face became much smaller in size and I felt great overall.

Of course as you might guess I got hooked and decided to continue with Isagenix.

I bought the 30 days program after that and the results were even more spectacular.

I got rid of many embarrassing gastro symptoms that I used to have also. And I lost 25 pounds overall after doing just this two programs, all this in only in a short period of 1.5 months! It was real proof that the program works.

Later on I hooked my 70 years old mother up on Isagenix. She got a lot of health improvement too and she says that the most amazing thing about these products is that they don't taste like medical stuff at all; they are very tasty and you simply cannot wait till the time when you have to take another shake or Isagenix snack.

After doing the 9 days and 30 days programs my wins are still staying with me and thatís amazing to see.

If you have various health problems and are overweight, then I hope my story will inspire you to take action.

I still continue to take this fantastic product and I am hooked for life and would definitely recommend this program for everybody.





Eve's Isagenix Story.

Until the age of 25 (oh youth :-) I have always been in good physical shape - I ate what I wanted as much as I wanted and never gained an extra pound. But I guess as part of a natural aging process, such dietary freedom began to take a toll on my body as I noticed a slight weight gain during my mid twenties.

Thinking that I can still get away with my old eating habits (like munching on chocolates at midnight, having 2 slices of cheese pizza for lunch and a rich baked ziti for dinner), I continued on, not having any regard for nutritional labels and value. Needless to say, eventually my clothes just didnít fit me anymore.

Since then I have struggled like a yo-yo up and down with my weight. I tried numerous diets, but most of them failed me (some didnít help at all, some provided only temporary results). Being 5í3íí in height - an extra 20-30 pounds can be a devastating transformation, in appearance and in psyche, so my self-esteem plummeted like an apple from a tree.

At my heaviest (145 lbs as opposed to a normal 115 lbs body weight) I felt as a bloated balloon and my life became a constant obsession with how bad I looked and felt. To skip all of the psychological trauma, I will just say that I finally understood how hard it is to be happy when you donít like what you see in the mirror.

I met a wonderful human being at the age of 29, who with respect and understanding showed me that there is a simple natural way to help my overindulged body gain back its youthful presence and long-forgotten confidence.

I did a 9-day Isagenix program and lost over seven pounds the first time. Then I did their Health and Wellness program the following month and lost another five. Several months later I am as confident and feeling as beautiful as I did when I was 19.

Not much explanation to the Isagenix system - clean the body of all the accumulated toxins (that attach to fat cells) and weight will be lost. Itís simple.

Although it was a bit difficult in the beginning to fast and to drink the Isalean shake as a meal replacement for a few days, I must say it was well worth it. In the long run the results are astounding. I look and feel better, and I finally found a way to remain this way.



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Why is this an exceptional income opportunity? This is the most wanted health and wellness system. People are making record incomes and company sales are off the chart. In just three years, seven consultants are earning $1,000,000/year and more. It took Nike five years to achieve financially what Isagenix attained in three years and we are just getting started. 70% of the US population is overweight and will benefit from these products. Thin people need our system of super foods too because toxicity affects us all. We all need the nutrition.

How Large is Our Market?
Positioned for global growth, Isagenix purchased 14.5 acres in an industrial park in Chandler, Arizona and moved into a 65,000 square foot administration and distribution center and is building a 100, 000 square foot manufacturing plant on the property. Shipping $1,000,000 per week, Isagenix has opened Puerto Rico and Canada and has all literature in Spanish as well as English.

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